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Covering all the customers needs for business development in Japan


Market Analisys

Isora KK screens market segments and brings you in-depth market information, analyzing all driving elements. Relaying not only on media, our network of professionals and customers give us an edge on the quality of information we provide.

Reporting to you in an effective way, we will give you advise based on our experience in order to help your company to make the right decision.

Market Validation

Having targeted a market, we analyze the competition, legal and import related issues.

In addition we gauge the interest of potential customers and future partners, helping you to make the most efficient and long term growth related decision for your development in the Japanese market.

Sales Representation

Using our extensive network we introduce your product directly to end user and/or reliable distributors. We build, grow, and maintain your sales network.

In complete collaboration with your engineers, marketing and sales team, you will have constant updates and reports.

We often propose to our customers to act as their sales office in Japan, offering an office address and a dedicated consultant/sales person, in order to give a more permanent and solid image of your presence in Japan.

Branch office/subsidiary establishments

We find secure and flexible solutions for your establishment in Japan byproviding offices space, accounting support and legal assistance.

In addition we can offer support and coaching of your country manager as well as an introduction to a network of professional we have long relationships with.

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